The Cheap & Cheerful Olympus 17mm f2.8

The Olympus 17mm f2.8. Contrast-wise it’s a little bit flat, it’s really not that sharp and it has quite a bit of distortion. However, it gives a great field of view that is both narrow enough to be intimate yet wide enough to allow busier compositions. Thankfully, RAW files stand up to a good bit of prodding, so you can still get some impressive results out of it. For day-to-day snapshots, I prefer it over the 20mm f1.7. p.s. I really like the fingers of the girl below. Quite elegant, no?

[all photos with Oly E-P1 / 17mm f2.8]

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  1. Mark,

    is the CA on the 17mm really that heavy? The tubes on the upper photo against the sky show a very strong blue/red seam. I’m amazed it’s still visible on this heavily scaled down image.

  2. Unfortunately it is on my copy. Against the stark white on the left, it is particularly noticeable.

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