Some Early Thoughts About the GF1 (compared to the E-P1)

Compared to the Olympus E-P1 Couple of quick observations:

  • GF1 has a more functional read-out and interface, fewer stupid, laggy animations.
  • GF1 is slightly faster in focusing.
  • GF1 is noticeably lighter.
  • GF1 LCD is very nice. Sharp!
  • GF1 control wheel is a bit stiff, the upper control wheel on E-P1 is nicer. However, I am very against the lower control dial on the E-P1. It’s too easy to hit buttons on that thing accidentally.
  • GF1 has a flash! Ok, it’s weak but the mechanism is very pretty and it’s a real boon for any night time snapshots.
  • GF1 has no sensor stabilization. I miss that feature much more than I expected.

[all photos with Panasonic GF1 / 20mm f1.7]

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  1. I’m surprised at you saying the GF1 has only slightly faster AF. Have you used the same lenses under adverse lighting? Have you tried continuous AF? My E-P1’s C-AF mode was worse than useless. My G1 can do DSLR-like action tracking (not pro level speed but useful tracking). Since the GF1 is supposed to have the same AF system, I’m surprised you don’t see much difference. The difference for me was immediately noticeable.

  2. I will do a longer post on AF today or tomorrow but I would agree that the GF1 has noticeably faster AF than the E-P1. The wording of “slightly faster” was because at the back of my mind, I still felt that a mid level DSLR’s AF is even faster than the GF1.

  3. I’m not at all surprised that you say the GF1 has only slightly faster AF – you haven’t been reading the “CDAF speed is Lightyears ahead” hyperbole being spouted ad-nauseum on dpreview ever since their leading reviewers dropped that phrase into the echo chamber ;)

    Stick to your observations Mark, update them with more detail for sure – and be honest also for sure, but don’t catch the infection!



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