ISO 800 to 3200

I’m always skeptical of claims of good ISO performance. I find it difficult to buy into the reasoning of sensors being more efficient thus lowering noise and increasing megapixel resolution. Seems to me, something’s got to give. That been said, my recent photographs at ISO 800 and above have turned out well so I guess I should try and find something new to complain about.

This photo below is not some random photo of a bush, it is actually a photo of fireflies in near pitch darkness in bushes along the a river in Malaysia. The light of the fireflies was quite bright though very fine, a mere speck. There was nearly no ambient light around me. I switched into manual focus and set it slightly out of focus to exaggerate their light. There’s a bit of motion blur as well since I was gliding along in a raft as I was taking the photo. I was pretty thankful I had the f1.7 lens on me instead of the f2.8. At ISO 3200 f1.7, 1/4s, you can still get a little bit of the feeling of the scene though perhaps not a razor sharp capture of reality.

[all photos with Panasonic GF1 / 40mm f1.7]


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  1. Very beautiful, I ordered that lens for my E-P1. Never saw fireflies where I live, must be spooky to see them.

  2. Thanks! It was a little spooky. They look stationary from >1m but once you get closer you notice they are moving around quite a bit, just within a very small area.

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